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Plug And Play

Optimum Solar’s plug and play is an All in one Modular Unit! Just mount on Stand or Roof and Produce Electricity! Panels Can Be Operated Separately or Be Configured with Multiple Units. Save Money and Time on Configuration and Installation Costs.

330 watt Solar Panel, Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Controller, Universal AC out, Plus and Minus Battery outputs + 30AH Li-Battery

Battery Options: 20Ah 30Ah and 60Ah batteries can be included internally and configured to 110V or 220V , 50 or 60 cycles

Specifications optimum solar plug and play panel
Module type SL330(40)
Rated Power 330Wp
Tolerance +/-3%
Open circuit Voltage (Voc) 48.58V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.02A
Max. Power Voltage (Vm) 39.5V
Max. Power Curent (lm) 8.35V
Temperature coefficients of Isc (%) 0.10/°C
Temperature coefficients of Voc (%) 0.33/°C
Temperature coefficients of Pm (%) -0.23/°C
Cell efficiency (%) ≥ 17.90%
Dimensions 64.5 x 51.45 x 1.96 inch
164 x 130.7 x 5 cm
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