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Desalinization System

Optimum Solar desalinization units are designed to be portable and used in any area worldwide that has sunlight, even in cloudy situations. Our unit is powered by photovoltaic panels and utilizes high-pressure pumps that push seawater through a membrane filter. As a result, each of our units can yield up to 75 gallons of water a day in both permanent and emergency relief situations. Our units are ideal for locations that do not have electrical supply infrastructure in place or locations that are experiencing an interruption in electrical power supply, such as natural disasters.

Ambient temp (Max.) 


Wet bulb temp (Max.) 


Raw water temp


Raw water supply

Sea water

Sunshine per day   

6 – 9 hrs

Fresh water capacity 

30 – 50 lite

Outside dimensions    

2210 2700

Approximate weight 


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