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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Optimum Solar panels are constructed from the highest quality materials available worldwide. Utilizing Polycrystalline silicon, with 72 cells in series, we provide 240 watt, 245 watt, 250 watt, 255 watt, 260 watt, 265 watt, 270 watt, 275 watt and 280 watt configurations. Our typical 72 cell panel size is 1955 x 992 x 50 millimeters. Also, we provide panels that utilize 54 cells in series for 200 watt, 205 watt, 210 watt and 215 watt configurations. Our typical 54 cell panel size is 1482 x 992 x 50 millimeters.

Optimum Solar is a solar products manufacturer and supplier with it’s office located downtown in Shanghai, China.

Ready to go green? Optimum Solar is able to provide you with the latest technology on solar power in order to address the growing demand towards energy independence.

We are committed to providing the highest quality standards in reliability of our products as well as our service.

The primary focus of our advanced business model is:

  • Cutting Edge Solar Product Engineering 
  • Worldwide Sales of Solar Energy Systems
  • Diversification of Solar Energy Applications
  • Acquisition of New Solar Technology
  • Acquisition of New Renewable Energy Technology
  • Development of New Solar Technology
  • Development of New Renewable Energy Technology
  • Commercialization of New Solar Technology
  • Product Supply to Medium and Large Solar Construction Projects
  • Technical Engineering and Manufacturing Innovation

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